Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fit girls hot list

Hey you sexy fit people! I have decided to post a mini fit girls hot list for you to get some ideas on how to make your life easier/cuter when you are sweating your way to sexy!

1. Basis B1Fitness Watch tracks your heart rate, sleep, cals burned, and step count! basiswatch
2.6 Pack Fitness bags are an awesome 3 meal and supplement transport bag built for sexy champions like yourself sixpackbags
3. Vapur water bottles canteen flattens and folds when empty so it takes up small space vapurbags
4. Havaianas flip flops locker rooms/showers can get gross so take some cute flip flops like these  havaianas
5. Victorias secret sport crops always make me feel motivated and cute victoriassecret
6. Hair scrunchies that save your hair style yoga pony tail holders scrunchie

Saturday, July 20, 2013

E-Tail therapy anyone?


I have stumbled across a great little site for the adventure seekers and fitness lovers out there! Similar concept to Hautelook but this site saves your some serious cash on everything from running, cycling, and snowboarding gear! When you become a member simply by entering your email you have the chance to purchase from over 600 brands at up to 70% off the original retail price, however the sales only last for 72 hours!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

fit girl candy cravings

We are all human, we all get those evil cravings for something to satisfy our sweet tooth. I have come across a few snacks to help keep calories at a reasonable level and keeping your waist in check at the same time.
Yum Earth's organic sour worms are 176 cals because they are made with organic fruit juice and come in flavor packed options like tangy tangerine

Skinny cow's divine filled chocolates are 130 delicious cals in the peanut butter option plus the healthy fats in the protein can help keep hunger at bay
Last but not lease is the Surf sweet's jelly beans which stand at 140 cals and these are also organic and it turns out that from one serving you can receive your days worth vitamin C!

Live Love Dream by Aeropostale

I have to admit to you...I am a huge sucker for fitness clothes... I am more likely to buy some running shorts and a sports bra over a cute cocktail dress any day and what is even better is when I can find a deal on those said clothes!
Aeropostale has created a women's workout line in active, yoga, and lounge all items being under $30!!! What more can I ask for? oh and right now they have free shipping.